Sandy is in foster

Sandy now has two (temporary) guardian angels who teach her what it means to be loved and cared for. They have told us that she likes milk and doggy treats. When they move around the house, she raises her head and follows them with her eyes. Then, when they leave home, even for a short time, she cries a little bit. (This we know from her new buddy the tomcat, who never leaves her alone 🙂
She is given consistent food, because she still is very underweight. Continue reading

News from Life

Remember Life? He surely hasn’t forgotten you and he is fighting every day for every good thought you’ve sent. The recovery period has just started though and he has a long way to go until healing completely. But we are optimistic and we won’t give up. Thanks to all the people who got involved in supporting his treatment.

Liss one step closer to death

At the end of last year we got “stuck” with a cat in an advance state of gestation. But it wasn’t like that at all. After her appetite you would have said that it’s a very healthy cat, but her tummy was getting bigger and bigger every day. So the cat arrived to the vet for investigations and we figure out that the cat was actually a tomcat with an enormous quantity of liquid inside his tummy and in addition to that he had a cold and his eyes were dripping. Continue reading

Manu arrived home

Manu is feeling good in his new home and his owners are spoiling him as a gentle and beautiful tomcat like him deserves. Thank you Cristina for the news and photos. We are glad every time we receive news and photos about the animals adopted from us so when you have time please send us your news and photos. All these wonderful news gives us the feeling that we don’t work in vain.

After 3 days in a house

We socialize bit by bit. She doesn’t like the blitz from the camera, but she loves to explore when she thinks nobody is looking, she loves having cat pals, she loves the warm place near the heater…. there are a lot of things that amaze her and yet she is not convinced that no one will eat her, but being such a smart cat she will figure out that is not so bad living in a house with a human.

Farewell Gita/Sty

After many years of waiting, Gita is leaving today to her new home. She was adopted before, but she was given back because she had a problem with the litter. Now we hope that the new owners will listen to our advice and there will be no more problems.
The kitten is called now Sty and has a wonderful family. Bogdan and Cristina loved her instantly and Gita responded the same way, practically she didn’t go from their arms under no circumstances. She wasn’t stressed not even when she had to go in the transporter. She was very calm, she knew that now she is a part of the family she dreamed of.
Thank you Bogdan, thank you Cristina, for choosing to adopt a cat who had lost her hope to get to her home. We wish you all the best. Continue reading

Africa was operated

The female dog was operated, and is feeling well, but she will have to stay in the hospital a long time. The surgery was complicated and we cannot know if we will have the wanted result. We shall see in time if Africa will be able to use the operated paw. Until then we need financial support so if you wish to help please donate in the Asociatia Robi’s Account.
Thank you for your support.

The little guy was operated and needs a home

He is feeling well, he eats well even if he has pain at his dislocated jaw. He is hard to work with because he is scared and wants to bite if you if you get too close to him. We hope that when he will pass the ordeal of injections he will change his behavior. He will probably end up in the shelter if nobody will have mercy and adopt him or foster him until he will cure.
If you want to help him please contact us at: