Tutti in Germany

Tutti arrived home and told us that it’s not so bad to stand near a radiator, in her clean bed. She doesn’t suffer after the miserable life that she had on the streets ofRomania, when he endured cold and hunger, humiliations and uncertainties, when she was abandoned by the people she loved. It’s sad, but it happens inRomania.

Aki was adopted

The little one arrived at his home where he was dearly expected by his new owner. We thank Didona Cus for offering our sweetheart a home and we wish them a happy life together. Also, we want to thank Raluca Alexoaie for helping us with temporary shelter for Aki.
With your help we can do wonderful things.

Farewell Wilma, Farewell Beary!

Today we took good bye from two of our female puppies. Wilma and Beary were adopted in the same time by two different families therefore today the girls spend the last moments together. From now on each will go at her home. We hope they will behave, although we know that full of life puppies as they are, will make some blunders. The little ones were waited for a lont time of their adopters, that we thank for patience and vehemence.
We wish them all the best and we wait for news that we hope will be good ones.

Pussy is ready to go home

Pussy is making progress. She learned to use the litter box and is not so fearful anymore so she can be left free. She still needs to learn how to play, though. We are hoping she will do that soon. We forgot to tell you that she was neutered and she is feeling very good. She is first when it comes to food, she has a big appetite, of course of good food.