Life has a wheel chair

Life tried for the first time his wheelchair. Not very confident, even slightly panicked, but we hope that step by step he will start to make progress.

Unfortunately, the problems don’t pass him. An older cystitis, complete with sand and kidney stones make his life hard. He started treatment for them, but the fact that he is laying most of the day slows the healing.

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Urgent foster or adoption

Update: The puppies reached to their temporary homes! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Raluca A., Madalina and Andreea A. for helping us with this pups. Thanks to you they have a warm place where to stay until they will be adopted. 

Bibo’s pups were taken from their dog house from the field because we risked to find them frozen in the cold weather outside. Continue reading

News regarding Little

Little remained in Natalia’s care, who loved her so much that we believe that she won’t be able to give her away anymore. Today we received news about the little one and we were happy to find out that she makes progresses. Recently she lifted herself on her back legs and for a few minutes she kept her balance without help. Little grew and as soon as we shall receive new photos from her beautiful owner we shall post them

Aki and Orlando were adopted together

Aki and Orlando left a few minutes ago at their home. For us, their adoption together is a great joy. Marius, their new owner, initially wanted to just take Orlando but realized that he will not be so happy alone so he decided to adopt Aki, as well, so their lives, from now on, to be much better.
Thank you so much because you adopted them together, we wish you happy holidays and enjoy them as much as possible.

Marley, Cosulet and Puffin left the shelter

After a longer or shorter time of waiting in the shelter, three of our dogs, Marley, Cosulet and Puffin began their long journey at the end of which they will arrive to their homes. All three of them were adopted in Germany and are eagerly expected by their new families. With the same excitement we expect the news about them. As soon as we receive them we will share them with you as we usually do

Idu grew

Idu grew and yesterday was castrated. With this occasion his remaining eye was removed because he could not see with it and was causing problems.
After he woken up he had a strange reaction, he became loving and even asked to be spoiled and he usually isn’t like that. We were surprised and we enjoyed this change in better.
We sincerely hope that he will have a loving family.