The Aviator

Dear pet owners (more precisely some of you) if you say you will love your pets please TAKE CARE OF THEM. Neuter your pets or your house will be full of puppies or kittens (for which you will write to us to take them in our care or else you will abandon them on the streets) give them minimum medical care (for example, ears scabies it’s terrible for cats) and don’t expose them to accidents. You don’t take an animal out of snobbiest or to praise with it, but to help him and give him/her a better life, safe from harm.

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Benny is a happy tail

From time to time we receive some good news that makes us really happy. Usually these news come from outside the border, but be hope that more and more adaptors from Romania will send us pictures and news regarding the furry ones they adopted.
Benny now has an owner, and even if ‘ they don’t talk the same language’, we can see that they love each other. Benny was adopted as an adult and even with all the cultural differences, he gets along very well with his owner.
We would like to see more and more people that are willing to give a change to an adult dog.

The mayors from Suceava didn’t hear about law number 9/2008?

Because they can’t get enough of money, also the management of stray dogs are a very important source of income for some of our mayors. These men chosen to be mayors refuse to solve this problem in a civilized manner like in other civilized countries meaning starting with THE CAUSE (identifying the animals with owners, register them and neuter them by law which would prevent the abandoned therefore there will be less animals on the streets).

Look what horrors these men can do….

Attention shocking images!

The fall edition of Sofisticat ended

Thanks to everyone who visited us at Sofisticat. Robi kitties impressed by their beauty and personality. Some even won  diplomas and others some hearts. Java promises to become a great model, but do not worry, the other cats learn quickly. We hope to meet again in a greater number and very faster. Until then our furry can be adopted by sending an email to

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Robi Association at Sofisticat

The most sophistiCATed tenants from Asociatia Robi made sensations today to “Fall Feline Exhibition”. Beyond her obvious beauty, for which she gained a prize, Java conquered a lot of hearts, most of all because of her special personality. And we assure you that the other Robi cats are no inferior to her. If you want to meet them, and why not, to adopt them, we are waiting you tomorrow to Romexpo, F pavilion – Fall Feline Exhibition between 10.00-18.00.

Mirciulica is home at his new family

I know you like good news, well Mirciulica found his home! How is our brave tomcat doing? He was very nice and relaxed on his first night home, he purred, clean himself, played and behaving like a happy cat. We think he is still thinking of his play friend Fumi but he is happy he found a family. We also keep our fingers crossed for the other cats, big or small, they all deserve a family.