Mother, my heart beats only for you

Dear mom Versania Brutaru, I am not sure you understood how much I love you so I decided to write you here so everybody can see my confession. I hope now, my dear mom, you are convinced that my heart belongs to you. Me and Bruni are very happy to be together and also for having the best, beautiful and loving mom in the whole world. We also love Grandma as much as we love you and I don’t know what we will do without her.

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Emily got home

Emily has finally arrived home. Our little kitty was liked by a very nice and determined young lady who wanted to take her home as quickly as possible. Nicky, her new owner, already sent us the first news about her and for now the situation is good. We still have to see how the family tomcat will welcome her in the family. We are hoping he will like her and that there will be no problems. Be well, our beautiful ladies, and don’t forget to send news as much and as often you can

Farewell Sophie

Sophie it is a lucky puppy. Taken from the streets only a few months ago, cheerful all the time and happy. She had the chance to be adopted by a family from Germany. Now she is on her way to meet her new family and even if the road is tiring, she needs to do it for a better life that awaits her at the end of the journey.
Farewell and a wonderful life to our little one!

Bamse Sends Greetings

Bamse it is another adopted dog outside our country. His masters are really proud of him and he is admired everywhere. He is very clever; he finished training school with Magna cum Laude.

Bamse as well, was adopted being an adult and all he needed was a chance to show what he can do and be. 

We hope that in the future many Romanians will realize that the age of a dog it is not a handicap, but a help, because you get to know his personality and you can adopt the dog that suites you best.

Good for them, they made a wise choice.

Even the simple people realized before our governors that sterilizing animals, especially the ones with owners, it is a solution to avoid the new born puppies in their backyard. The owners of this gorgeous female dog were tired of so many new born puppies and heard us that we help people to sterilize for free so they called us asking for our help. Of course we helped them and congratulated them for their decision. We hope that more owners of cats and dogs will follow their example.

So much noise for a toy

What do the dogs better than anything? Play of course. What can you do when a toy becomes somebody’s owned good and is not willing to share? Noise of course, and this is how Tiny (the female dog with some leg problems) made herself understood.