Dede is ready for a new life

My dears, now  my name is Dede and frankly I lost my hope that my ex-master will continue to look for me so I say with hand on my heart that I’m ready to start a new family. I’m young, obedient, I like to play with cats and that means I do not mind sharing the house with them. I’m also educated and I like very much to go for a walk.
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Mimi is progressing

Mimi is making  progresses. Slowly, slowly she’ s starting to use her back paws. Natalia is helping her everyday with exercises to strenghten the muscles of back paws. When she calls her, the little one moves to her as he can and she hurries to go in Natalia’ s arms, where she we’ ll never leave. Thank you again Natalia for the good news about Mimi.

Bella is looking for a new owner

Bella proved to be capricious and possesive. She doesn’t accept the house cat and she is always ready for a fight, so we’ ll have to find her another family without animals. Therefore Bella is offered for adoption, but this time as a unique cat in the family.

If you like this beautiful cat, please contact us at

Mara/ Lego has now a new life

Mara was born in Romania. We found her while she was a pup at a crossroad near Lehliu. Her life in Romania wasn’t so good. After we took her the little one had a broken rib and this could be after someone kicked her there. After a few months spent in our shelter the luck smiled to her. A lady from Germany liked her and named her Lego, you can see them in the pictures. We wish them a long and a happy life together