Found an animal?

How and where you can post ads for the animals that you want to offer for adoption

If you have puppies or kittens and you want to give them up for adoption, the best way to make it known is to post ads on the internet adoptions sites. To find them you must make a search on for “adoption dogs / cats” or “Ad dogs / cats” and choose the first 10-20 sites that appear. It is important to post the add on as many sites as you find, to have a higher chance of being viewed, and renew them every 3-4 days to be visible and always on top.

But big attention to whom you entrust them. Not all people are responsible, not all know how to treat animals as they should, not all know how to feed them properly and unfortunately there are isolated cases where pets that you generously offer, can reach food for reptiles and other animals. To prevent unwanted situations you should make, between you as donor and the person adopting, an adoption-donation contract, to which you attach a copy of BI and CI of the adopter.

A written document is the only evidence that you have based on which you can demonstrate that the person “X” adopted an animal from you, becoming so, that animal’s possessor.

Download a model of adoption agreement between individuals.

Also we advise you to entrust animals only to those who agree with their sterilization when they reach the age required sterilization surgery, otherwise you risk that your rescued pet to be left to make puppies and who reach also on the streets.

Do not forget! There many strays animals from the fact that the owners do not sterilize their animals , either due to the fact they could not afford it or do not know that such thing is possible and they abandon unwanted puppies or even adult animals when they get too many in their households.

Examples of sites where you can post adoption ads:  

Forums where there are sections for posting an adoption ad:–c38/  

How to realize an adoption ad:
1.       The title should be short and meaningful to get the reader’s attention. For example, “fluffy white dog”, “type Whiskas cat”, “half-breed terrier”, “gray-oil cat” etc.. Also the choice of the pet name can be touching, distinctive, and if it’s a great name can be noticed even by it. If the site is not exclusively dedicated adoptions, specify the title “offer” or “for adoption” to jump into the eye of potential adopters even if they are not looking to buy an animal.
2.       It is vital to make at least 3-4 clear and bright pictures to capture your pet in touching or funny situations. These pictures are more important than a detailed description of the animal, which people do not have the patience to read it.
3.     The text of the ad must be concise, clear, without long and melodramatic stories. It should include the pet’s name, age (even approximate because nobody is interested in adopting a pet with an uncertain age), sex, any vaccinations / disinfections / health problems, if it’s sterilized/ castrated (and if you are willing to ensure the female sterilization, especially since many people have fear for too many female offspring’s) if he is sociable with animals / people etc. You can also add some features that you consider important and which should attract attention and would differentiate it from the others (for example, if it’s trained, how educated it is, how loving it is, if he knows how to walk on a leash, if he knows how to use the litter box, etc.).
4.       REMEMBER! to write your contact data in the ad: name, phone, email, city and availability to transport the animal to another town.
5.       On most sites you must create an account to post ads. It is very simple and takes only 1 minute, after that every time you post ads you can use the chosen name/email and password.
6.       The ads can be also published in newspapers/local media (for example, “Formula-AS”, this is free – you just need to send an email to the editorial and the ad will appear in “they need help” section).
7.       Send your ad with photos to every contact that you have in your email, and request that they share also to friends. You never know where the ad may wind up and who might be interested.

We hope that the above information’s will be helpful and we wish you good luck to you future adoptions!