Toni Iscru

1996-2009 (volunteer since 2008)

Toni, one of Robi’s junior volunteers, always present at the Obor park adoption fair, lost his fight against throat cancer after 3 years of suffering.

He didn’t show up at the fair for a while. I thought maybe he’s on holiday or maybe he left on a camp or somewhere else to spend his well-deserved holiday. When I saw him again I almost couldn’t recognize him, skinny, without hair on his head, talking with great difficulty.

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Lucia Andreea Simionoiu

28 June 1985 – 26 February 2012. Volunteer since 2010.

She was a volunteer and a friend, an incredibly good person, a great soul, always ready to offer a good word and a helping hand. We will miss you, Lucia. We know you are in a better place and you watch us from there. Rest in peace, our dear, Lucia Andreea Simionoiu.

 Farewell, Lucia Andreea Simionoiu!

 How it all happened, so suddenly, in only two weeks: a two weeks’ ordeal, the ordeal of a family who loved her and tried to do everything for her. Only God knows what you have gone through, our good friends!

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Marilena Cristian

Founder and president of the Robi Association since 2001.

“After a day’s work in the shelter when I am so tired I can barely stand, I always ask myself how can anybody be there every day, work on almost any weather, summer, winter, cold, heat, snow, rain, to exhaustion, to fight for every animal met in the way, no matter what the daily problems and health issues are?

From where do the physical and mental strength for all these emerge, what is their motor? The dedication, unconditional love and limitless sacrifice for these animals and their cause, this is the answer. And the one to do this is Marilena Cristian.”

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Andreea Anastase

32 years old, Logistics Coordinator. Volunteer since 2008.

I’ve loved animals ever since I can remember. I’ve always considered myself a person that understands animals, that can communicate with them and I was never afraid of them. That is why one day I decided to do something and so I became a Robi volunteer, an association of which I have become fond of and is actually really helping animals a lot.

I have 2 dogs and a cat, all three of “common” race, if I can call it this way. One is adopted and the other is rescued from the street with the help of the Association and to the donations of people who cared. Continue reading

Andreea S.

36 years old, foreign languages teacher. Volunteer since 2009.

Why volunteer? Because I see around me too many people that indifferently pass by, looking the other way. Because, all alone, I cannot do much. Because I need to know that there are others like me as well, and even though everyone is having a hard time, we all move on.

My job is not important. I would have helped animals even if I were an astronaut or hairstylist. Why animals? Because I can talk with them and I know how to listen to them. Continue reading