Lucia Andreea Simionoiu

28 June 1985 – 26 February 2012. Volunteer since 2010.

She was a volunteer and a friend, an incredibly good person, a great soul, always ready to offer a good word and a helping hand. We will miss you, Lucia. We know you are in a better place and you watch us from there. Rest in peace, our dear, Lucia Andreea Simionoiu.

 Farewell, Lucia Andreea Simionoiu!

 How it all happened, so suddenly, in only two weeks: a two weeks’ ordeal, the ordeal of a family who loved her and tried to do everything for her. Only God knows what you have gone through, our good friends!


The first email she wrote us, July 2010:

 Good evening,

 My name is Lucia Andreea, I am 25 and I would love very much to become a volunteer at your association. I don’t work at the moment, I just graduated from a master’s program and I absolutely love animals, ever since I can remember. Until a few years ago, I would spend my summer holidays at my grandmother’s in the countryside, where we had and we still have many more animals than we can raise in an apartment house, and we are trying to look after them as much as possible. Here, in Bucharest, I have 3 cats, two of which are “adopted” from the street, and the third is their daughter. If I lived in a house, somewhere with a yard and security I would have more pets. I haven’t done any voluteer work until now, but I would very much love to, especially in a field that touches my soul in such a profound way. I do this to occupy my time in a way to bring me the satisfaction I feel when I help animals, even if I would like to do a lot more and I find the “ways” some people find to solve their overpopulation in the cities surely inhuman and unthinkable.

In the hope that you will consider my application, I am looking forward to a reply as soon as possible!

Have a pleasant evening!