Marilena Cristian

Founder and president of the Robi Association since 2001.

“After a day’s work in the shelter when I am so tired I can barely stand, I always ask myself how can anybody be there every day, work on almost any weather, summer, winter, cold, heat, snow, rain, to exhaustion, to fight for every animal met in the way, no matter what the daily problems and health issues are?

From where do the physical and mental strength for all these emerge, what is their motor? The dedication, unconditional love and limitless sacrifice for these animals and their cause, this is the answer. And the one to do this is Marilena Cristian.”

“Besides the fact that she’s the mother of all Robi animals, each and every one of which she takes care of and loves, she knows every single one of the 180 dongs from the shelter and everyone’s history, I can say she’s in a way our mother as well, of the Robi volunteers. I strongly believe that she loves each one of us, and even when she scolds us, she does that affectionately.”

“For me Mari is the proof of total dedication for a cause that seems more and more lost in our country. Still, she prompts us to believe that it can be done, and the reason for which I strongly believe her is the number of animals in the “Happy tails”, animals that nobody would give hope for when they were in need, except for her. She is an example to follow and I believe that such people are gems of the country where we live today.”

Robi volunteers