Andreea Anastase

32 years old, Logistics Coordinator. Volunteer since 2008.

I’ve loved animals ever since I can remember. I’ve always considered myself a person that understands animals, that can communicate with them and I was never afraid of them. That is why one day I decided to do something and so I became a Robi volunteer, an association of which I have become fond of and is actually really helping animals a lot.

I have 2 dogs and a cat, all three of “common” race, if I can call it this way. One is adopted and the other is rescued from the street with the help of the Association and to the donations of people who cared. They are my children and I love them beyond words. As a volunteer, I go feed and play with our Association’s dogs once a week. When I get there by car and with the other volunteers, they immediately recognize us and you can see the joy in their eyes, it’s an extraordinary feeling and I am happy to be close to them and to help them as much as I can. I wish everybody can find the “volunteer” in their hearts.