Do you remember Fluffy and Soft?

Now they are called Fify and Felix. Look what wrote Corina about them:

They increased and also gained a little weight. Fify was 550 grams when I took her and now has 1250, and Felix doubled its weight from 800 grams to 1600. You can see that the vitamins are helping them. Also have a shiny fur. It’s not so long and not so fluffy, but now they are changing the baby coat and will have a new one. They even started to change their teeth and are toothless in front.

They have become mascots of the house and everyone “fights” for keeping them in their arms. Including Fiona is searching for them when they are in another room. Only Tomita is not so easy to be conquered, yet their relationship has evolved. At first, didn’t want to sit with them in the same room, but now he accepts them at a distance of more than half a meter, otherwise he spits. I think he is afraid of them, because they are small. But with Fiona they have a great relationship, as if they are all three brothers. Sleep in bulk; eat together, but each one with its own berries.

They are extremely playful, vigorous and affective. When are awake they are playing until they have no energy left or eat. As they don’t do anything else. When it comes to sleep they have already sleeping habits and favorite places. Fify sleeps in my head like a fillet. Instead, Felix sleeps on my chest or belly. And still has his sucking instinct. I have a fluffy pajamas and he sucks when I dress in it. Fify has a predisposition to sleep on Fiona’s belly like a pretzel.“

“Last week I made the Christmas tree and everyone participated, some to decorate, others to un-decorate. Have thrown down some balls, but fortunately they were made from plastic and didn’t  break. You will see pictures. Now, everyone is waiting for Santa to see what he brings.

I forgot to tell you what talkative they are. When you talk to them or raise your voice because they are making  bloopers, Felix starts to meow and we is answering us to the questions sometimes. There are also great hunters; they see sparrows through the glass in front of the tree and would like to hunt them. But they hit with their heads of the window a few times. They fumbled around every corner of the house and I even closed them a few times in the closet by mistake. Their luck was that I didn’t left the room and I quickly noticed that something was missing from the landscape. ”

Thank you Corina for pictures and news, but especially because you take care of them!

We wish you all Happy Holidays!