Virtual post cards for generous friends

We are on the last hundred meters with preparations for Christmas and buying small gifts for the dear ones. If you don’t know what to get them, and they already have everything, we come in your help.

Donate any amount you want in the name of loved ones and we will send a Christmas card (on December 24) or New Year’s Eve if you want (December 31).


Everything is very simple:
– Donate an amount via PayPal
– Send us an e-mail at where you mention what card you want to send them and the e-mail address  of the person you donated for
– If you want to send them a different message, please mention it in e-mail
The result? Some happy tails, a good deed and a loved one that will appreciate your empathy.

This method is ideal especially if your loved ones are not near you and any physical gift would be harder to deliver.