Thank you dear german Friends

Robi’s cats and dogs were nice and diligent and so although there is still time untill Christmas they began to receive gifts.

Miss Amalia B send us from Germany, a package full of goodies for kittens and Tier-und Naturschutz Europaischer Organization send a truck full of new and shiny bowls for most of Romania’s ONG.

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Message to the Bucharest City Hall

Dear Bucharest Mayor,

When will we be able to congratulate you like we congratulated the Mayor of Oradea on his initiative?

Oradea City Hall announced it will promote a regulation concerning the neutering/spaying of dogs on private and public property during a local council meeting on October 23. According to this regulation, owners whose pets are 6 months or older will be required to neuter/spay their animals, with the following exceptions:

1. Dogs unable to undergo surgery for medical reasons

2. Working dogs assisting disabled individuals

3.   If the dog owner pays a $100 yearly fee per dog. This money will be used to support dogs in local shelters. Continue reading

Goodbye Romania, glad to be in Germany

Ica, Alice, Migle, Bindi, Jinx, Tara and Hannah left our “sweet”  Romania that didn’t want them for the sunny Germany that offers them a better life. We already have news about them and our furry guys have arrived safely there.
We are glad that other nations choose to offer a better life to our dogs even if they are not bred, little or fluffy. As you can see we sent there not only puppies but also adult dogs, small and medium size, different colors, different personalities.

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Yoda, a new happy tail

Yoda sends his warmest regards to Robi Association. He has his own house now, where he is spoiled and loved by those who decided o adopt him when he was just a small ball of fur