Tomitza is a happy tail

Do you remember about the cats born in a basement that lost one or both eyes? Tomitza had a lot of luck and was liked by Olivia that adopted him. We are happy every time we receive news from her and we thank her that she doesn’t forget us.
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Farewell sweetheart!

For sure you remember about the desperate case of the little black cat, left alone without her dearest friend. 
We worried for her but it seems she is lucky. Immediately after we published her case., Cimpeanu family has decided to adopt her. The only issue was that between Bucharest, the place the cat was and Iasi, the place where she was wanted and expected the beautiful cat, the distance was quite big and no volunteer had any road in that direction. But the luck was on her side again.

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Donate a can

Thank you to everybody that was near us in this hot weekend.

Little by little we try to change the world. We know we will not going to make it, but it is our duty to try.

We bend our paws to those that came and met us, to our new friends. Without you, we would not exist!