Little has a lucky star

Seems that Little is lucky in her misfortune. She got some adoption offers and that excludes the euthanasia. So Little will face her problems without to much complains. Dr.Anca Cioran is taking a good care of her and now she is trying to get her paw in a new position so in the end it will arrive in a right position for her to walk. She is doing also some infiltration. We hope for some results soon

Your good thoughts forsure helped Zaza

Zaza survived the intervention and now she is well and with a good appetite for food. She is even very agitated, that’s why we couldn’t take a good photo. She is always on the move so the photos are not so good.
She is still at Spiru Haret and she will remain here till she finishes her treatment.
Thank you very much for your good thoughts .It surely helped her.

Again in district 3, the poison continues.

Before the elections, our mayors think that killing innocent souls will bring them victory. It’s incredible what is happening! These images are from Fizicienilor Street.
We receive more and more mails about these poisoned animals. Animals are on the streets because of people…..Each one is responsible in rights and they got to denounce such murders. When you see or witness such a case please take action and go even to the police and make a intimation in base of Law no.9/2008.
The more intimation received the more they will be forced to take action.

Poisoned dogs in District 3

District no 3 has started the autumn “cleaning” in their specific style. Why we have laws? Why do we have organizations that exist and struggle to sterilize and to find homes for stray animals?Where is the civic consciousness?

Does it matter that someone mocks public money?

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How some mayors handle the stray dogs?

Received via e-mail:
I would like to tell you a horror that occurred today in theAlba Iulia Squarearea, onBurebista Blvd.from our capital. The dogs that lived near the church at the crossroad are lying dead in the trash bins; and every dog from the area as well; the doormen from the blocks say that they were poisoned last night by the city hall workers.
 Such cruelty in the middle of Bucharest!
Please make public this story! This is how they understand how to make an electoral campaign on behalf of some innocent souls!

You should be ashamed! ‘

The fluffy arrived at their home

The fluffy little kittens were adopted together. Even if it took some time it worth the wait. These fluffy kittens will stay together and beside that they will have two new friends to play with, a female dog that loves cats and a tomcat.

We thank Tabacu family for helping the little ones stay together. We wish you all a long and happy life.

We are eager to receive more news and photos of the kittens in their new home.

Thank you dear german Friends

Robi’s cats and dogs were nice and diligent and so although there is still time untill Christmas they began to receive gifts.

Miss Amalia B send us from Germany, a package full of goodies for kittens and Tier-und Naturschutz Europaischer Organization send a truck full of new and shiny bowls for most of Romania’s ONG.

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