Tobi Tobitza arrived in the shelter

Tobi,  was released today from the clinic and unfortunately for him was taken to the shelter. 
Because we have no free spots we asked for help at our colleagues from ‘A doua Sansa Association’ and they offered us a place. He cannot remain here for a long time because in case of a heavy snow he could be burried under the snow. So we need to find a temporary home for Tobi for approximately 1 month. 
If you can shelter him or wish to adopt him please contact us at

Sookie won the lotery

For Sookie today was the big DAY because she was adopted. She waited and waited and finally it was worth .She is in a big house with another adult cat. We hope that the veteran of the house will accept her and become great friends. We are eagerly waiting for news about our little one and we thank the adopters for choosing naughty Sookie.

Sasha the little bear, now for adoption

Do you recognize me? It’s me!

I got into temporary accommodation due to 2 youngsters with a big heart, but I can’t stay here very long. Meanwhile I was dewormed(and how good it was because I had many worms ) and now I feel much better at heat and I started to show them what a special dog they saved! I am very playful and very obedient and smart, I learned immediately the trick with absorbent blankets and I became immediately  friend with the teddy bear!
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They don’t want to lose any chance for fast profits. Attention socking imagines

If it’s election campaign it’s also sure death for dogs in the streets. For many years every election campaign, the dogs are served with “delicious” meals with poison inside. It doesn’t matter if these dogs are gentle and don’t disturb anyone, it doesn’t matter that they are neutered and people with big hearts are taking care of them, the only thing that matters for our politicians is that these dogs had to disappear so the voters have the illusion that our politicians did their job and reelect them. 
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Nice the new “German’ oldie

Nice has been waiting all her life for a family of her own. Now in her old days she sees her dream with her eyes open. Today she left in the trip of her life that will take her to the family she dreamed of. In Romania nobody wanted the little grandma so she began her journey to Germany where she is happily expected. As soon we’ll receive photos and news we shall post them.

Archie says hello from his new home

Archie was adopted and we are hoping this will be his forever home. After 5-6 failed adoptions he is now with a family that also has a furry young lady named Lia and things are going well.

Our active musketeer found a partner that suits his attitude and from this similarity attitude between them all they got is a lot of love and play. Continue reading

Mathias is ready..

Hello dears, I am getting better each day, just a little sneeze once in a while. My leg is brand new and I don’t remember that it was broken. I AM READY FOR ADOPTION!!!Send me an e-mail quickly to or call me to 0745.740.321.