Small, black, shy and unlucky.. What else could I wish for?

But let me tell you my story: about a week ago I was picked up from the front wheels of a truck. I didn’t really understand exactly what was happening because I was so hungry, that I didn’t care what they were doing. I arrived with my little brothers in a closed cage, in a dark and cold cabin. But at least we had food and we were safe. Continue reading

After 15 days in visit at the 40 cats

Two weeks ago we received a request  to help  40 cats  who are under  the care of an elderly gentleman, who, unfortunately, has leukemia. Mister M. doesn’ t not know how much time has to live and all he wants for the cats that he rescued and raised with love is to find them a place where to stay when he will no longer be. Continue reading

Operation ‘Milly’

As you probably know, after a lot of search, we were informed that Milly, the scared dog and abandoned  by the person who had  taken her into foster, is somewhere behind the National Opera. Armed with canned and beans we went to search her and we found her, indeed, in a parking lot. We couldn’t put our hand on her, because everything she knows about people is that they gave her a foot and abandoned her…  Continue reading

Sandy is one step near the Netherlands

Many good people have donated, some a little, some more, and we are grateful to each and every one of them. Also, in the mean time, we managed to find a somewhat cheaper way to send her to the Netherlands: she will be accompanied by a person, not sent via cargo. But we still need 194 euro in order to cover all her expenses (ticket, cage, microchip, passport etc). PLEASE help her finally reach her long-awaited destination!  Continue reading

Mishil went home (40 cats)

Mishil, one of the 40 cats that are in urgent need of adoption, was the subject of unpleasant news. When we arrived at Mr. M, we found out that the cat refused to eat in the past days. When Mr. M wanted to demonstrate that she wasn’t eating, Mishil suddenly decided to eat behind our backs. Because today was the big day for her, we took her to the vet for a check-up, first. Our little one behaved perfectly, despite the fact that she had a bad reputation as being quite an aggressive cat. Continue reading

Pufu was adopted (40 cats)

Pufu, one of the 40 cats that need urgent adoption, was adopted today. We sincerely hope that he will quickly adjust and he will became friend with the other kittens that the family has. We look forward to hear news about the little one.

Thank you for adopting this cat.

Three legged and looking for a home

The tomcat who has three paws is now temporarily staying at the people who found him injured. Unfortunately, they can not keep him, so the little one still needs help consisting in promotion for the adoption. If you want to adopt the three paws tomcat please contact us immediately at: Thank you all in advance for trying to help the tomcat to reach a family.

Suzi is home

Suzi, one of the 40 kittens, arrived at her new home as you know. We recently received news about her and we are sure you will enjoy with us, reading them. Here you have what Raluca wrote about her new friend:

“She has adapted very well to her new home and learned from the first night to use the litter box. She is very sticky, and always wants to be caressed and to sit next to me. Continue reading