Sandy arrived home

Now she is moving with a loan cart. Soon she will have her own carriage and she will move more easily.

Thank you so much that you made it possible for Sandy to survive and to travel to her new life, because she HAS a LIFE. I want to thank the person who adopted her, Hill de Boer, who gave her a chance at life.

Small Bubu

Bubu is one of the pups taken from Rosetti Square. 

He is the smallest of them all the pups from that paper box, he weights approximately 2 kilos and he is 1 month and 2 weeks old tops. Today he was taken to the vet, he had some shots to recover his strength and his sneezed a bit. So are the two little girls, who are now at our volunteer Corina, healthier, Continue reading

Lizzy and Cercelus adopted together

Lizzy and Cercelus are two of the 40 cats that need urgent adoption.
Today they received a great surprise, a new family able to love them as much as they were loved and will be loved by mister M., how many days he will have.
Thank you dear friends because you took them together. Adapting to a new life with a new family and a new home will be easier for them. We are looking forward to hear news about them and we hope the news will be good.
We wish you to enjoy them a long time from now on. Continue reading

Small succes

Yesterday we managed to take for neutering two female dogs from the street and one female dog from the courtyard of a landowner who decided not to sterilize his dogs. If we had not been so insistent the dog had died because she had pyrometer. On the left she had an inguinal hernia which produced the fallen of uterus and didn’t allow the puppies to grow, so they died causing an infection would have killed her shortly. We told the owners this thing, we guess they didn’t believed a word or didn’t understand anything we said. They didn’t thank us for saving the dog, even looked at us worse than the class enemy. When I told them that I will come and get the other dog who is kept in chains, they told me… later. Continue reading

Timisoara think clear, please

The country perishes and the old lady is combing, says an old word, or in other words dear Timisoara how many dogs or cats own the residents in personal property should be your last concern. The first concern should be mandatory sterilization so how they keep the animals and not the animals’ number.

Why we say that?

Simple: if a citizen has only a dog and a cat that are not neutered, he may hold them in the block without any problems and also can let them multiply and periodically throw puppies in the public domain without anyone punish him in any way. Continue reading

News regarding Kay

Good news. Kay feels better, he can stand on all the 4 paws by himself, he walks great for a dog that a few days ago was dying. Tomorrow he will have surgery at the eyeball and in a few days he can be adopted if someone really wants him.
If you want to adopt Kay please send us a message at


Small, black, shy and unlucky.. What else could I wish for?

But let me tell you my story: about a week ago I was picked up from the front wheels of a truck. I didn’t really understand exactly what was happening because I was so hungry, that I didn’t care what they were doing. I arrived with my little brothers in a closed cage, in a dark and cold cabin. But at least we had food and we were safe. Continue reading

After 15 days in visit at the 40 cats

Two weeks ago we received a request  to help  40 cats  who are under  the care of an elderly gentleman, who, unfortunately, has leukemia. Mister M. doesn’ t not know how much time has to live and all he wants for the cats that he rescued and raised with love is to find them a place where to stay when he will no longer be. Continue reading