Peticel needs help

Peticel is one of the 40 cats of Mr. M

Initially I thought he has about three years but considering what is happening in his oral cavity, we are convinced that he has more years. The tomcat is not very lively considering the problems he has in the mouth and ears. From 20 March 2013 he is hospitalized and will stay quite a long time in hospital.
Peticel needs now financially support and you can help him by donating to the account: Continue reading

Civeta/ Mutrita says hi from her home

Civeta is the first of the 40 cats from Mr.M adopted. She is doing very well in her new home and to our delight, she didn’t forget us and occasionally we receive news and photos.

We are glad for the good news and we want to share that with you, our friends.

Look how relaxed she is. Thank you Diana for news and photos.

In Morarilor Park

RECEIVED ON MAIL! Attention! – if you stay in the area and can take pictures / videos please send them to us!

“Yesterday 21.03.2013 in Morarilor Park happened the following:

– A crew of Sector 2 City Hall surrounded the enclosures to catch the neutered dogs. They were neutered by the veterinary office that has a contract with the City District 2 and brought back into the territory. The mother was in the enclosure with another lady and their dogs, began shooting outside the cage in dogs, without regard that in the enclosure were some people with their dogs. The mother asked them to let her go because she has heart problems, but was not allowed to leave and began shooting.

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A really sad cat

We’ve never seen for a long time such resigned cat. We sincerely hope that the sad mother will come to understand how it feels to be wanted, loved, spoiled because in her eyes now you can read  A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.

If you were impressed by the empty look of the young mother and want to change her life, please contact us at:

The little pechinese

Unfortunately, this morning the small dog passed away. Even if the vets did their best, the beating that he suffered killed him. The organs were very big.
A very sad story, with an even sadder end…

The 40 cats situation

I received a call at a time to help 40 cats of an older gentleman who has leukemia. Because he loves the cats too much, Mr.M. asked us to help him find them owners. You can read the story here.

Ten cats were adopted, the little kitten did not survive, two of the kittens were taken by us, Grizzly, the gray tomcat, is still hospitalized and these days I sterilized eight of the nine cats who were not neutered yet. Two of the kittens can’t be touched, so we had to use traps. Continue reading

Cercelus and Lizzy are 2 happy cats

Cercelus and Lizzie are two of the 40 cats who need adoption. They had the luck to be adopted together and as you can see, are more than happy. Mister M is always looking at their photos and is thanking God they are now in the right place.
 We also thank you, dear friends, that you are near us and help us solve all these situations, some almost impossible to solve.

Asys hopes to receive a family

Asys is very upset. He needs to wear a collar that he really hates it. Soon he will get rid of it and he will be released from the clinic. He needs to be adopted by a family with a lot of time because this little one needs to be cleaned and anointed on his tummy with a cream, several times per day.

Beary a happy dog.

The little bear was found by us in the middle of this winter crying under the people’s windows. She immediately was adopted and returned to us even quicker. But in one day she had luck and here you can see her at her home, loved and happy. Georgiana, her owner is the one who made her happy and the one we thank from the bottom of our hearts

The little guy hospitalized yesterday

Yesterday the 15th of March 2013 we received a message for help for a puppy that seemed to be dying. When the ones who asked for help got at the clinic the puppy seemed to be dead already. Fortunately, for him was hope, because he survived.
For sure your good thoughts helped him to survive. We will see how he’ll be in the next days. The conclusion of Aurora Sasu, the vet, was that the small one didn’t have a good life. For sure the children played with him until exhaustion and probably he fell from their arms and this caused him the crises that almost killed him. Continue reading