Idu, the blind tomcat is at his home

Idu, one of the tomcats saved by us from a plum orchard, had an eye infection and despite our efforts to partially save his eyesight, the little one remained blind. We lost our hope that in his situation will be adopted, but look that the miracle happened. Idu was adopted a long time ago and feels great in his new and permanent home. The owners love him and of course Idu is melted after them.
Thank you dear friends for adopting a tomcat in this situation and especially that you love and spoil him as a child.

‘Robi’ at Sofisticat was lucky

For Tin and Balenutzu, two of our tomcats who were at Sofisticat, today was a lucky day. Both were adopted and now they enjoy the attention of new owners. Our other cared ones can be seen and adopted tomorrow at Sofisticat Spring Show 2013 – Bucharest – Romania between 10-17 at Sala Palatului, Bucharest. We hope you will take them with you and you will make them happy.
They whispered that they will do everything they can to be the model cat and most likely they will keep their promise.
So you’re welcome, dear friends, to meet our furies.

Free neutering for the dogs with or without owner

Dear animal lovers please do not forget that neutering is the only civilized method to decrease the number of stray animals. You may neuter FOR FREE dogs with and without owners in Bucharest at the clinics that are in partnership with the Bucharest City Hall. Access the link below to see all the clinics that neuter for free.

The female dog from this album was neutered at Bimbo Vet clinic and we were really pleased with everything. She is feeling well and the surgery was really FREE

News regarding Tora

Tora is in foster for some time now. ELENA is the name of the lady who offered to help and to whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts. The puppy is taken periodically at the vet to change the bandages and until she will be completely healed needs to pass more time. Tora still needs financial support so if you wish to help you can donate into one of the accounts below. Thank you very much for all your help.

Support the Europpen Campaign STOP VIVISECTION

Starting from the 1st of April 2012, due to citizens’ initiative and to the possibility of a million signatures gathered, the European citizens can contribute directly to the legislative activity of the European Union.

Launched by a team of elite scientific personalities, the STOP VIVISECTION campaign uses this new mechanism to offer citizens the opportunity to express their opposition against experiments on animals and to ask the EU for a new scientific protocol, one that should be advanced and able to protect both animal and human rights.  Continue reading

News in the special case

Today we took in our care 5 kittens from the ones without their owner. All were neutered and one of the two black cats was adopted. She was really lucky because she had pyometra so practically if the surgery hadn’t occurred she would have died. It would have been a pity because she is a young cat. She was lucky and today adopted.
Back in the apartment are now left a really unlucky tomcat that had 2 lady owners and both died and the white female pup that in 8 years never got out from the apartment for walks. Continue reading

I came from Romania.. but I love in Germany

Rexona waited a long time for a chance, a family and a hope in our shelter. The time passed by, from rainy days to snow, to hot summer days and nothing chanced in her life. Anyway, for many she was just another brown stray dog that cannot be kept in a house.
But luckily, someone in Germany fell in love with her, without playing with her, without meeting her before the adoption. In Romania the possible adopters have the possibility to meet our beautiful dogs, but their numbers, of the ones who decide to adopt is low. Continue reading

A short and sad story, that needs to be told

Many cases we deal with end sad and that’s why we never tell them… The little one from these pictures was found more dead than alive, somewhere in the area ‘Splaiul Unirii’ full with ticks and lice. Her weak body of only 2 kilos did not face the invasion of external parasites so although she received the necessary treatment the little one didn’t resist more than 24 hours.
Such puppies are everywhere, the most dying in horrible pain and no one knows about them. 
We request again to NEUTER all animals! But also to have the involvement of each and every one of you