Civeta at her home

Civeta was the first cat of the 40 adopted. Diana sent us photos and news about her new friend. Here are the news received:

“Our dear Marilena,
Here we arrived in the fourth day of our “new life”. Civet is now called Mutritza, especially because I called her like that on the first night, and the next day was receptive only to this name. That is why we renamed it completely and, from what I see, do not regret it at all. Continue reading

Katy was adopted

Katy is the third cat of the 40 which was adopted. Now she is on the way to her home. Her destination is the city of Ploiesti. We received many adoption requests for Katie and it was quite difficult to decide who will get her. We saw her future owners only when we made the adoption. The fact that the owners usually look alike their pets seems to be true in this case, we tend to believe that we made the right decision in her case. Continue reading

Small Pisi and Mitzi

Small Pisi and Mitzi are still hospitalized and the news are not too good because the treatment of the little ones will last a month, during which they will remain hospitalized. Now they look better, are more cheerful but until the will be fully recovered it will take some time.
We remind you that we need some financial help in this case. You can find below the accounts where you can donate if you want to help the little ones. Continue reading

The horrors from Romania

The dogcatcher took TODAY the puppies WITHOUT the mother, this morning at 10.30, because the area where they live is very near the ice rink where the FOTE will be. PLEASE WRITE TO THE MAYOR AND TO TH OTHER FROM BRASOV YOUR OPINION ABOUT THAT. They took the dogs from their cage because the puppies don’t go outside alone, they are 3 weeks old…
Here the info about MAYOR: “Firms, companies or foreign investors are kindly asked to submit their request for an appointment to Mr. George Scripcaru – Mayor of Brasov City, in writing, by fax +40-268-470147 or by e-mail :”
Brasov County Council: Email:

Another victory. Suzi was adopted

Today came Suzi’s turn to go home. You can’t imagine how happy dear Suzi was when she met her new owner. She couldn’t sit a moment so was pretty hard for us to make her some photos.

Suzi is not the only cat of her new family. A tomcat will greet the little lucky cat in her new home and we hope that they will tolerate each other.
We keep fingers crossed for the little lucky and we hope to receive good news soon. Continue reading

Sandy is ready for the Netherlands

Sandy, who is currently in her second temporary accommodation, is ready to go, but can not reach her final home in Netherlands without your help
Sandy is paralyzed, and with all our heart we want to make her a short and easy journey to take. To do this, we would like to send her with a plane to Amsterdam, and not with a road vehicle that would make more than 30 hours. The cost with the airplane, 730 euros (transport + cage, discount already applied) is very high for us. Please help us, donate to Sandy’s airplane tickets:

They are 4 left and need help

They were small, they were 5 but recently a black sister was hit by a car. Now remained three boys and a brown girl. Their shelter is near a road where many drivers press the throttle too much and the little ones, who are only two months, are certain victims.
They’re sociable puppies who are staying on the middle of the street just because they the people in the area wanting for a little affection. They are too small to stay in a shelter, and too young to know how to beware. Continue reading

The 40 cats

Today we visited again the kittens with Cristi C and Cristina M.
The first thing we did was to teach the cats to use the sand.
Hopefully they will learn quickly.
We brought them dry food, sand and food bowls.
We took Suzi and Civeta that will be adopted soon, and two kittens with problems which we hospitalized.
Stay tuned for updates.

Why do you mock us?

What’s happening with you good people?

First of all you let us come into this world, and then realize that it’s hard to take care of us and abandoned us. Some people pick us from the streets and try to change our fate and they’ve trusted you, the people who want to adopt us, and then we see with great sorrow that you have cheated them and also me, the little cat who was abandoned, then adopted, then returned and so on. Continue reading

What is Hannah up to?

Hannah, is a happy dog. Finally she reached her home and you can see that she is a happy puppy. Now her name is Dakota and she doesn’t dislike this change. Another house, another name, another life.