The little guy hospitalized yesterday

Yesterday the 15th of March 2013 we received a message for help for a puppy that seemed to be dying. When the ones who asked for help got at the clinic the puppy seemed to be dead already. Fortunately, for him was hope, because he survived.
For sure your good thoughts helped him to survive. We will see how he’ll be in the next days. The conclusion of Aurora Sasu, the vet, was that the small one didn’t have a good life. For sure the children played with him until exhaustion and probably he fell from their arms and this caused him the crises that almost killed him.
The ones that asked for help didn’t tell us the truth about the dog. They said only that he is small and he is not feeling good and cannot keep him or take him to a vet, so here he is now in our care.
The little one needs financial support, and you may help him by donating into the account:
Asociatia pentru protectia animalelor Robi
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Thank you again for all the help you give to our animals.