Manu remained without his tail but he gained a friend

Yesterday Manu lost the end of his tail (which was broken so he was operated) and today he earned a friend. The beautiful kind friend is named Cristina is the one that took the fluffy tomcat home. After he met Cristina, Manu couldn’t stay apart from her. He did everything he could to win her over and he succeeded.
Thank you Cristina because you took Manu even without his tail end. We are waiting inpatient news and photos with the lovely Manu.

Bibo arrived in Germany

Bibo the female mother abandoned on a field in the proximity of our shelter arrived in temporary home in Germany. Now she is called Maya and has a wonderful life. She got rid of the cold from outside and enjoys the warmth that this wonderful family gives her until she will be adopted for good. Thank you dear friends for choosing to give this poor soul a chance that we didn’t even dream of.

News from Java

Here are the first photos and news about our beautiful Java.

“Hello and Happy New Year! As I promised, I am back with photos and a film about the adorable cat Java, who my son named Kiara (anyway she is not answering to any of these names but she is responding very well to pis-pis”). Continue reading

Dolly needs financial help and foster

Dolly is ready to get to Maggi in UK, where she will start a new life and have a family.
Because we want her new life to start as soon as possible, we reserved her place in the transport scheduled on 25th of January. In these 2 weeks we need to raise the sum for her departure and if possible to find a new foster so that she will not get in the shelter.

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Sandy needs foster for a month

 Sandy had refused eating so the doctors had to put her on IV perfusions. She also had an ecography to determine what causes the blood in her urine. The results showed that she has several blood clots in her bladder, but the liver and stomach are otherwise fine. A few hours after the IV fluids she started eating again. She’ll stay at the clinic until she feels better, but then she needs a temporary foster home, for about a month, until she’ll be able to leave for her forever home, in the Netherlands.
Please, can anyone help foster her in Bucharest for about a month?

Amor/Pisic. Brianna a careful mom and a happy Christmas

Here is the story of Amor’s adoption. A mommy wanted to surprise her little girl, long before Christmas, with a kitten, knowing that Bianca wanted a kitten to play with.
She saw Amor and here he is near the little princess, happy and spoiled. He is not the only one happy but also the entire family. We are also glad for them and we thank them from the bottom of our heart for adopting Amor, whom Bianca calls now Pisi or Pisic, and also thank you for taking good care of him.
Happy New Year wonderful family!

Mimi and Motzart

Who says that a dog and a cat won’t get along? No one can say that anymore or maybe someone who knows nothing about it. Here they are, these little ones, playing together. Mimi, the paralyzed dog who miraculously healed thanks to Natalia, and Mozart, the kitten, are very happy together.