Rexut and Roza for adoption

Rexut and Roza have a sad story. Them and another female pup were protected by a lady with a big heart near the block of flats in which the lady lived. She made them a pen under her apartment window and constantly took them out for walks. The dogs lived there for a few years until someone moved there recently and thought to make their lives a nightmare. The lady was reported to the police for the unauthorized pen and the dogs risked to end up in the public shelter. Continue reading

Dede in the car

Dede loves to go with the car. And she has her own chair too, to offer her safety and comfort. We really enjoyed the e-mail received so we invite you too read it as well:

‘Dede in her own car chair 🙂 ; it is like a box that fixes around the car seat and it can be adjusted at a certain height, so Her Highness, the small sized dog to be able to watch through the window, not to get bored or something

Pray for Maria’s life, please

Maria Sacsoreanu is an animal lover who is dealing with a ruthless disease over 5 years. Maria has cancer and despite the fact that the disease drained all her resources, including materials, she wanted to give all she could for the dogs who are in the shelter. Although having unbearable pain and swollen feet by the illness, Mary struggled to come to the shelter to see her protégés. Now Maria is feeling really bad and she desperately needs a miracle, our good thoughts. Please pray for her life. Continue reading

Thank you Amalia Barbu

Robi’s cats received today a special trinket namely a complex play that enchanted them. Pussy, Crisby and Tin were the first to have it tested. 

Dear Miss Amalia Barbu thank you from our hearts for the wonderful gift made our cats. They and us as well appreciate very much your gesture.

Bijou and Jolie- for adoption

Someone wants ‘a very Jolie Bijou’ for 8 March? If you do, we are the right gift. We are two beautiful and good sisters. We were born 2 and a half months ago. The first 2 months we spent in a box with other 6 brothers. We do not know how we survived the winter with the little food we received from the people who passed by. Continue reading

Mishil/ Bela a lucky cat

Mishil is now called Bella. She is also part of the 40 cats who need urgent adoption. Although the cat was presented as being unfriendly and with possible health problems, for Ms Stanescu, the person who adopted her, the state of the little one was not an obstacle to adopt her. She saw her, liked her and took her with all its problems. But better read what says her master. Continue reading

Tomitza at his home

Tomita one of the 40 cats that need urgent adoption arrived to his new house where he feels great. It’s a bit naughty and has a lot to learn, but his master decided to learn him everything he needs to know for becoming a decent tomcat.

Raluca thank you for pictures and news and we will continue to expect news aboutJaffabecause this is the new name of Tomita.