Zaza at her home

Remember the case of the cat caught by dogs and with a lot of health problems, who practically escaped death a few times?

Well her faith was good, the little one got adopted with a lot of love and here she is now how big and beautiful became. Thank you Andra for the news and photos. We wish the little one a lot of health, you too and enjoy each other

Thank you Christiane Sweney.

Dear Christiane Sweney, your donation arrived at us. We were delighted to see so many goodies and we thank you from the bottom of our heart for your gesture. Our little ones had already been spoiled with these goodies and appreciated it by dangling their tail with joy and especially eating with appetite.

Thank you again for your gesture.

News from Pouka

This cat was adopted almost a year ago and since then she is her owner’s delight.

Thank you Magda for the news and for taking such a good care of adorable Pouka.

May, Wilma and Beary love to play in snow

May Wilma and Beary are the youngest puppies from Robi and the mightiest too. The like to play in the fresh snow.
Beary is reserved for adoption and soon she will go at her home, but May and Wilma are still waiting to be adopted. Wilma is the small one with her round tail and May is the tallest among them.
We shall wait for requests for them at

Dede arrived home

Dede arrived well home and here it is in her owner arms. Here are the first news about her.
“Dede arrived well to her home, she ate pretty well, drank a lot of water, she doesn’t like so much to walk in the leash, but she progresses fast. She climbed in my lap like she always belonged there. I think this is a  beginning of a long and beautiful friendship Continue reading

Nera is in the shelter

Because we couldn’t find temporary foster and the veterinary hospitals we work with are full, the only solution was to take Nera to the shelter. Although it’s a little better than to stay in campus, with no food or roof above her head, in the shelter is not doing so well. So we maintain our request for temporary foster until her health will improve. Nera is extremely gentle and docile.

The Underground cat

Do you recognize me? I am the cat found in the subway. If I am thinking good I am not so sorry that I am not there anymore. I think I am naturally drowned to a civilized life, with soft spots near stoves, especially now in the winter. In spring I will be a real mannered young lady and I will wait for adoption proposals.

Dina and Gretel grew

Dina&Gretel grown but they are still beautiful. They finished all the vaccines, are walking nicely on a leash and look for owners. From the 7 puppies abandoned in the shelter, on the 17-th of November, they are the only ones still available for adoption. For more details call 0745.120.419 or write an e-mail to