Life still needs help

LifeThe news isn’t good, but not bad either. Anyway, Life’s condition is stable. If he used to make some progress, as little as it may have been, his condition seems to follow a flat line for some time. That’s why we want to redo the series of X-rays… maybe it’s something we missed.
His bladder is also continuing to create problems. He keeps urinating with blood. We investigated things again, but it seems the results aren’t very conclusive. His blood tests are good, the echography only shows an enlarged spleen and a few small stones in his bladder. We are trying to find an efficient treatment for him.
So Life still needs your support in order for us to be able to do all kinds of medical tests.
If you wish to support part of his medical tests/X-rays, please write to us
Until then we send you our best, either from the small yard of the block, or from the green grass in the park.