Hope found a home

The luck for Hope is Mitze Catze, a lady dear to our heart who we thank for taking the unfortunate cat home. We eagerly wait for Hope’s photos in her new home, a home she dreamed about for such a long time. We already received some wonderful news. Thank you Mitze Catze for giving Hope the life she always wanted.

My dower

Some flees, a little dirt in my ears, uncertainty of tomorrow, fear for today when I was chased from the family I thought is mine, that’s my dower.

 I am still shocked and I will never understand why people do that to animals. Why they let us come in this world and then throw us like garbage? What they imagine, we can handle ourselves alone in the streets? Did they have any idea what is happening with us in the streets, how much pain we feel?

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Bela needs foster or adoption

Bella has only 500 grams, minor ear mites and an eye problem. She had dozens of fleas which she got rid of such as she got rid of internal parasites. Today she has been at the vet and there were good news, her tiny eye and ear problems will be fixed soon.

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Bears need your help!!!

Mircea Serbanoiu has a strategy concerning the future of bears that for barbarian and incompetence reasons are in danger to be shot. Here is his message. Please contact him at mircea_gj@yahoo.com if you are decided to give bears a chance to live.

“Can we get together, a few hundred animal lovers, in front of the Environment Ministry? This is a emergency situation for rescuing bears. They started to attack because of lack of food. The only solution: their relocation.


Please share to all your friends. I want to receive confirmation for Saturday from as many animal lovers, from all over the country.

Today FPAM presented to Rovana Plumb the alternative of saving bears that are chased by hundred hunters, meaning to send them to CRISTINA’S LAPIS natural reserve. Roxana Plumb refuses any alternative than shooting them. Let’s take action!!’

The dog shelter from Unirea, Braila – an extermination camp

Message received via e-mail:

The situation at the dog shelter Unirea Braila is dramatic. As mostly everywhere in Romania, a general situation in our public shelters, the money disappears when it comes to use them for the benefit of the animals collected. The animals are in great pain and suffering worse than nightmares.

A story full of sadness that broke my soul and that describes the tragedy that’s happening at the Unirea Shelter for a long time. The story was e-mailed by a young 16 year old girl from Braila, Dia, who had to go there to save an innocent soul, to escape him, to take him away from the claws of hell.

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