Hard times are coming

pisica cu mancareaDear friends, I was born because someone didn’t take measures to prevent it from happening. That person didn’t care about me at all, so they threw me out on a field. Me and my brothers ended up at Robi and, as I have heard hard times are coming, I decided to guard the food. I want to be sure that I’ll have something to eat in the days ahead.
If you care a little bit about me and you’d like to make sure I have enough food for a day at least, please donate in the account of the people who feed me, that is in the account: Continue reading

Three cats for adoption

3 pisicuteThe story of the three pussycats in this album is a sad one and you can read it here:
We took the three little cats in our care. Two of them are females – the black and white one and of course the tricolor one – both were neutered within the Robi program. The grey little tiger is a tomcat – he is still too young and he will be neutered later.
All three are well behaved kittens, still fearful but with a great potential to be socialized very quickly.
If you like one of them and you want to offer him or her a good life forever, please contact us at: asociatia.robi@gmail.com.