18 puppies and a mummy need help

18 catelusiIf you happen to see a raffia bag left at the edge of a road or on a field you can be sure that there are abandoned puppies or kittens nearby.
Today’s find was a female doggy with 7 puppies. They all had hundreds of ticks all over them so, after we took them to the shelter, we spent a few hours to gather all the ticks fallen off them in the car. Of course, the mom and her little ones were treated against fleas and ticks and they received yummy food that they really liked, they ate it with a big appetite.

Unfortunately the location they are at now, that is our shelter, is not appropriate for them, because they risk to catch all kinds of diseases, as they aren’t vaccinated. We need financial help to vaccinate them and two other series of puppies we recently took with us – some of them needed medical treatment, others are still being treated against distemper, parvovirosis and corona. We now have a total of 18 puppies who need good food, treatment and vaccines. 

If you want to help the little ones you can do it by donating in the account:
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or online through PayPal (available at www.4animals.ro)
We thank you once again for helping the animals in our care