Titza is in Robi’s care over three years

Titza is one of the cats we captured in 2009 from the 1Mai terrace.
She is in our care for more then 3 years and because she is half wild we didn’t managed to find her a suitable adopter that is capable to have patience with her. She was adopted at a certain time by somebody that liked her, but unfortunately they didn’t have enough patience to make her understand what for her is hard to understand , meaing that you can have total trust in some people.

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Their luck is named Carol

If you ask yourself why we are keeping secret the location of our shelter, our social address and some of our mobile phones that we should make public, here is the answer. Many people ask us where do we have our shelter just to know where to abandon their pets. If we would always answer the phone, we would not do anything else, but due to internet and people talking about us, trouble always appears.  Continue reading

Rany needs help

Almost two weeks ago we were asking for financial help and an adoptive family for a female dog called Rany.

Since then Rany has been in the Spiru Haret hospital where she is taken care of by the Bercaru team. Her wound, as you can see, is much smaller, but the tissue is regenerating pretty slowly, so she has to stay longer in the hospital. The price we have to pay until last Saturday is 770 RON for her.

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