Adela Small sized dog for adoption

Update: Adela was adopted

At the end of the last month Adela (is how we called her) was by herself in the streets at the end of a village. We were trying to capture a white and furry but very scared puppy dog and while we were calling for the puppy we found ourselves with Adela in our arms. It was impossible for us to leave her there so we took her, we neutered her and now she is sheltered at one of our volunteers.

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Adopt our apartment dwarfs

Attention this material includes dogs under 10 kilos

These doggies are small-sized, our sweet midgets are perfect for a life in an apartment , they are easy to walk and easy to handle. 
The small dogs bare really hard the cold weather in our shelter, the winter is coming and they are not that resistant as larger dogs. 
We offered you in this album our small-sized dogs, at different ages and with different behavior. Only 2 of them are in temporary homes, and every tiny adopted will escape the cold winter that is coming!

7 months old female dog for adoption

This little girl was found today wandering disoriented somewhere in Bucharest. She was spayed today and will soon be vaccinated. She is only 7 months old and already has an impressive height for her age. She will grow larger. She’s beautiful, kind and sociable and in great need of a foster, if no one will come forward to permanently adopt her.
If you can provide her a shelter, even a temporary one, please let us know by writing to:

Beary, the female bear for adoption

Do you want her?
Of course you want her because she is gorgeous and when she grow up will make you proud of her!
This little one, at only one month was abandoned among the blocks in the idea that someone will take pity on her and will take her home.
She was lucky because we found her in time, otherwise she would have kept crying under people’ windows until someone would have applied a correction to her in order to make her shut up.

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Raccoony, ex Dirty

It’s so easy to get rid of something that annoys you. The kitten and his sister were abandoned by someone in broad daylight on the sidewalk of a highly traveled boulevard. Like all the kind-hearted and God-fearing people, maybe he thought that “for sure someone will take them”. Incidentally Maria and Mihnea, our volunteers, just passed by, but the scared to death kittens run in all directions and they didn’t manage to catch them.
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Urgent – Dog with the paws legs- don’t know what to do

Urgent – Dog with cut legs – don’t know what to do.
That was the title of the message we received today. And this is the message:
‘ Good morning,
I write you because I am disparate because of a medium sized dog with the legs cut that is lying behind a block.
I tried to muzzle him and get him into my car and take him to the vet and he bitten me.
I don’t know what to do. Please help’

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Whitey needs foster for 6 days

Do you remember Whitey the dog that was hit in the head?
Well, he is in foster care until he will be adopted and proved to be a very good and obiedient dog, that doesn’t ask for much. He was trimmed because he had a mycosis, but the cold doesn’t bother his too much when he knows that he is protected now.

Because the person that fosters him now is leaving from town for a few days, we need a new foster since Tuesday morning until Sunday Continue reading

Casper, the friendly dog

Beloved and extremely friendly with the kids, but pushed away by the adults, Casper hunts for more than a year on the streets of Bucharest. He enjoys and appreciate every good word. He loves people and is not afraid to show it.
It is a very gentle and intelligent dog who hopes to conquer someone’s heart someday so he will never be alone again.
Is it just a dream?
If you want to give him a chance, write us on asociatia.robi @ and ask us for Casper.