Shy for adoption

Shy is a young cat, shy and fearful, she lived all her life on the streets. Recently she was neutered and hosted by Alice I, who is now taking care of her. Shy appreciates that she is now in a warm place but she is not yet overcome her fear for staying in a house, so after she purrs in her protector’s arms she runs quickly back in the transporter.
With a lot of love and a little patience, Shy could gain trust and become a cat that cherishes the comfort of a home. Continue reading

Robi Volunteers and the dogs in death danger

Because nobody thought to sterilize a female dog cuthberted in a neighborhood full of cottages, the little one brought into this world 2 rows of puppies. From the first birth survived 4 puppies, 3 females and a male. The female dog has now another row of puppies, 5 puppies who are about one month old. From all those wealthy people neither one did anything to protect them from the terrible frost.
Their luck was as a young mother (a lady with a baby), she saw them and although, the distance to her house was more than one kilometer, she began to take them daily food and dare to improvise a shelter. Continue reading

A nice winter day in the improvised Robi shelter

Another day of our lives, another day in the lives of those for whom we trouble to find responsible families to adopt them. Until they go to their families we need to take care of them and because their health is important we don’t forget to vaccinate them. Today were vaccinated other 50 from our dogs. It was a beautiful day, the dogs enjoyed our presence as usual and especially the fluffy snow where they played all day.

Hercule wants home

Handsome, puffy, Hercules is only 2 months old and promises to be a true stout when he grows older. He is waiting like the rest of all the abandoned puppies to be wanted and adopted by a responsible family to ensure his living forever.
If you like the little one and wish to adopt him please contact us at:

Adult small sized dog, freshly abandoned needs foster

The little one from the photos, named Strumf, was found by Maria, our volunteer, on a field. Although we don’t have any place available for him, Maria couldn’t let him there trembling and freezing to death. The little one is now to Spiru Haret, to be neutered. In two days he will be discharged and unfortunately we can’t offer him a warm place to stay. Surely he stayed in a house before, he is used to go in the car so we think that until he was abandoned he had a good life. If you like him or you want to help him please contact us to