I want HOME

Please help me to reach my own home. I want to meet my family, to invite them to play, I want to show them what a cheerful and lively puppy I am. I want to show them how much I love them.
Will you help me to see my dreams come true? 

Robi Association – We neuter cats for FREE

Robi Association is offering FREE NEUTERING for female cats with or without owner (the program is aimed at low income persons who cannot afford to pay for this surgery). We can lend a box trap for wild cats that cannot be captured otherwise.

In order to benefit from this free neutering offer, please call the City Vet clinic (str Constantin Kiritescu nr 14 B, phone number 021/327 27 22) to make an appointment, mentioning that you’re calling on behalf of the Robi Association for a free neutering. Continue reading

Kaby – for adoption

Kaby a beautiful female dog, small sized, full of life, loving, and really good whispered that she doesn’t want to go in the shelter.
She was abandoned because she had a problem and her owners decided to throw her away. You will not believe what was her problem. For sure her owners didn’t take care of her, didn’t brush her, didn’t cut her fur so at one time when the little one had some problems at her stomach, the dirt was left in her fur under her tail and in time Continue reading

The big white in death danger

Yesterday someone thought to surprise us and abandoned a beautiful dog at our shelter but very apathetic. He was hospitalized and the first analysis show that he suffers of a severe form of babesia (the illness caused by ticks). He immediately had shots with the antidote but his condition is still bad so he had blood transfusions too. We really hope he will survive.

For now he needs your good thoughts and financial support. Continue reading

Rexut and Roza for adoption

Rexut and Roza have a sad story. Them and another female pup were protected by a lady with a big heart near the block of flats in which the lady lived. She made them a pen under her apartment window and constantly took them out for walks. The dogs lived there for a few years until someone moved there recently and thought to make their lives a nightmare. The lady was reported to the police for the unauthorized pen and the dogs risked to end up in the public shelter. Continue reading

A neutered dog, a tragedy less

For some time we often go in a neighborhood of villas in Prelungirea Ghencea, where we deal with a special case. Besides that case, we try to help the community. Most people love dogs, they made street cages, feed them, but unfortunately not sterilize them. This led to the increasing area with many dogs, most puppies. For example, a female dog had 18 puppies born in a year, most of which will remain without a master or without a home. It is a good case where we can demonstrate how many dogs you can get from a single unspayed female dog. Continue reading

Nneka is looking for an owner

Nneka is a female pup, she has 3 months, she’ll grow medium size. She is a very good dog, playful, a real kisser, only a bit shy,and as any puppy at her age likes to still shoes and to place them in her bed. She received pills for internal and external parasites.
Her situation is urgent, we hope she will find a master real soon, she promises to give an extra color in your life and is she convinced you we wait for requests at asociatia.robi@gmail.com