Manu, fluffy tomcat for adoption

Manu’s luck is called Bogdan, an exceptional young man who found the little one in a park. Manu was standing huddled and he was shaking under a bench. Even if there were only a few hours until the turn of the year, Bogdan left all his things aside and did everything in his power to know the little safe. And he succeeded. The little arrived in our care on the last day of 2012. It’s a very nice tomcat and hopefully will not remain long in our care.The little fluffy needs a responsible family and also support until he is adopted. Continue reading

Tom, tomcat for adoption

Tom was abandoned in a courtyard after he was thrown over the fence. Luckily, he arrived in our care before being smashed by dogs in that location.
He is a beautiful tomcat, quiet and has only a few months. It’s hard to understand how someone could throw him, he is so loving and does not seem at all stressed by the change that occurred in his life, and  that makes us to think  that he had a good life so far.
Now, the little one  needs a responsible family and also support until he will be adopted . Continue reading

The animal protection association Robi is thanking you

This year, with your support, we accomplished many things for abused and stray animals. We laughed, we cried, we worked and fought each day, together, to make a better life for animals. We couldn’t have done it without your help.

This year is ending soon and we are hoping you have a feeling of fulfillment when you are thinking how many animals live now without fear or pain, thanks to our efforts. Our road has just begun. We still have a lot of work to do and we hope you will stay near us in the following year to fulfill our mission.

Continue reading

Does anybody want me?

Does anybody want me? I am a tomcat of about 5 months. I am good and I promise to let you watch movies without any interruption. What do you say? Is my offer tempting? 
If the answer is yes, please send an e-mail at and tell them that you want Tim home, this is my name.
Kisses and happy holidays!
PS. I would really love to pass in 2013 in my new home.
Will you help me? How? Simply..share my story.

The New Year for animals

Do you love your dog? Then keep him in a leash a few days in order to not loose him..

Put a medallion with your contact details so that he is returned to you if found. 
With little care, the family will remain unite and happy a long time.

Dina and Gretel daily

Dina and Gretel (their black brother is at the moment reserved) are looking for their owner. They are very playful and would be very happy if they would be adopted together, but it is not a must.

Who needs Christmas bells if having these jewelries in his home?

Santa was impressed by them. Aren’t you?


25th of December at the shelter

A nice and sunny day, a real gift for the volunteers that took advantage of their free day and came to visit the dogs.

The work went smoothly and fast so we had time to talk and caress our friends, because usually don’t have time. They were very pleased and little after noon (not to mention that Santa brought some good biscuits for everyone) the dogs turned their tummies to the sun to have a nice rest. We stayed for a short time and we left :).

Thank you Santa for the sunny day.

Santa, are you visiting me?

Letter  to Santa.
Dear Santa, I know you have many demands and it’s very hard to answer them all but I know that you are a good and loved Santa and that you are waited by all good or bad beings on earth . I am a good kitty, I have about three months, and I’ve been preparing for your visit. I cleaned, healed (my rescuers found me sick), and now I’m learning how to play. I don’t want you to bring me  jewelry, a car or what are asking others, I want to bring me my family, because I know for sure that they are looking for me. Please tell them that they can found me at
I’m expecting you gladly, Santa.
PS. My name is Pushi.