Read it and weep!

Here’s why we kept asking the authorities to take protection measures for cats too. To prevent people like the person below to act the way she does, it’s necessary to make these measures mandatory:
– to identify and register all owned cats and
– to neuter owned cats (of course, with the obvious exceptions)
What is your opinion on this?
How should the lady in the story below be punished for her cruelty to cats?

Do you have a bike that you are not using and are willing to donate?

We could really use a bicycle. Ion, our reliable help, is walking a lot to get to the shelter. If we can give him a bicycle he will arrive faster and he will be able to go there in the evenings too to feed the puppies and to refill the water buckets (dogs oftten turn them upside down).

If you can donate a working bicycle, please contact us at:

Mom Miruna and the 5 kittens

pisoii andreeiEven though she isn’t bigger than a 6 months old kitty cat, and probably she isn’t really much older, Miruna is an extraordinary mother. She gave birth to her kittens in a deserted garden with lots of green grasses, under a washbasin turned upside down, God only knows how she managed to raise all of them, despite the rains and storms in May, until someone saw them and made a big effort to take all six of them in his house. Continue reading

Hey, it’s me Ritza- for adoption

RitzaIt’s me, Ritza, and I’ve told you that before, but I think you weren’t listening. I’m a young female doggy, fluffy/furry (now I’ve got a haircut because it’s too hot outside), shy but willing to overcome it, ideal for living in an appartment and, besides, I’m educated. I hope my new owner to read this and to stop hesitating. He or she should call 021/327 27 22 as soon as possible. I can hardly wait to meet my family.
Love, Ritza

Ritza- for adoption

RitzaRitza is a young female dog, neutered, vaccinated, well behaved and a little shy. The little one is patiently waiting for a chance to be adopted by a responsible family, who will take care of her for the rest of her life. She was found on the street and it’s an experience we wish this fragile and sweet girl would never live again. If you like the little one and you want to adopt her, please call 021/327 27 22 between 10 and 19 hours.

We waited for you at Pet Expo and you didn’t show

pisici-pet-expoWe waited for you at Pet Expo, but you didn’t show up. We keep hoping it won’t be long and we’ll meet: we, the kitties dreaming of you, and you, our future owners. Our story is sad, like the story of many other cats in Romania, but it contains nevertheless a grain of hope. Our hope is you, ROBI’S FRIENDS. We are convinced that thanks to you we’ll manage to find the way to our homes, and for that we thank you from the bottom of our small but powerful hearts beating just for the humans that will be our owners and friends. Continue reading

The four that scared .. the residents

pisicile-salvateWe’ve been recently informed that some pussycats needed adoption or temporary foster homes. 
We were told that the people living in that block of flats had closed off the entrance to the cats’ place and they intended to also seal off the hole through which the cats went into the basement for shelter (the basement seems not to be used, as it is flooded). 
So we armed ourselves with a trap, a net, a few envelopes of wet catfood and some patience. Continue reading

Izumi, cat for adoption

Tonight one of our volunteers went for a walk in the Izvor Park. There she happened to meet the young lady in these images, she sat on a fence, looking scared. We find it hard to believe she decided by herself to wander away from home, being such a little helpless kitten. It’s more likely someone left her there, with a vague hope that maybe she has a chance somehow. She was lucky we took her before a dog could rip her apart, but we are overwhelmed and we pray to find a home for her, urgently.  Continue reading