Bobita needs a responsable owner

BobitaBobita is a young small sized dog, energetic and always willing to be around his owner. He used to have an owner who abandoned him and didn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore. The little one got into fights with other dogs and had major wounds on his back.

Bobita is now in our care and we’re looking for a responsible owner for him. If you like him and you want to adopt him please contact us at Continue reading

Tomcat for adoption

ochi albastriYoung tender, healthy and well-behaved male cat would like to have a responsible owner. We don`t know how he ended up on that field, whether he was abandoned there or he got there on its own, he wouldn`t have lasted very long hunting birds and drinking water from puddles. 

If you like to adopt this blue eyed cat please contact us at

Dag is still in foster

DagDag is still in foster and he is recovering pretty well. In a few weeks now we will start searching for a proper and stable home for Great Dag
After staying with him in the last 2 weeks, we can say that Dag is one of the most obedient dogs ever.

Little dog found wondering

catelus gasitThe little dog in these images was found at the crossing between Sos Giurgiului and Sos Luica. He was seen crossing the street and hardly avoiding being hit by a car. He was desperately trying to enter a yard belonging to a centre for collection of recyclable materials, but the gates were shut and nobody was inside. Because we feared for his life, we took the good doggy into custody. If you recognize him and you know who he belongs to, please contact us at:

What Romanian throw away?

catei vai de eiWhat do Romanians throw away like garbage? Everything they can’t use, including alive helpless souls. A little family, mother and three puppies, was abandoned on the road to our shelter. The mother is old, the puppies are massively infested with ascarides and we don’t know whether they’ll survive. Besides, they have eye and skin problems. All the family was hospitalized today at the City Vet clinic, where the little ones will be groomed and treated.  Continue reading

Attention at aristas (awns)!

Every day we swear we will never take any other animal in our custody. We already have too many for our possibilities. Besides, honestly speaking, we cannot take it anymore, to keep tormented animals in our arms and watch them die. It’s too much suffering and we cannot handle it anymore.
And despite all that we FIND IT IMPOSSIBLE to look the other way and pretend we don’t see the poor ones we meet on the street. Continue reading

Robi is another dog that is handling the consequences of cruelty..

We’ve seen a lot in our many years of activity, but we haven’t seen a case like this one. Robi is a doggy whose owners, a wonderful family, are more than willing to love him and to help him live, even if he stays this way or not for the rest of his life.
Robi is only one year and three months old. When he was one, he was the victim of an accident (his owners, preoccupied by the accident, weren’t thinking of memorizing the number of the car). Robi was immediately taken to the vet, but because his owners couldn’t afford to pay for the X-rays and surgical operations, the doctors who saw him simply sutured his wounds, meaning they only did what they were paid for, regardless of the dog’s needs. Continue reading