The furry ones from Robi’s Cats Room say hi and thank you

All cats from this album have reached in the Robi’s Cat Room after being in terrible situations. Most of them are fearful, that can not be reached. They were caught with traps and brought here. After the capture they were spayed, then housed in what we call Robi’s Cat Room that is not too big a room but that can accommodate cats in bad weather. In the winter the room is heated. Continue reading

Things Romanians throw away…

They discard anything, anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s an object or a soul. Take a look at this puppy! He was abandoned on a field in this incredibly hot weather, without anything to eat or drink. We gave him food and water and the poor creature would have eaten even the plate.
Then for two days he just wandered around, probably hoping to get home. After this, he gave up and waited for us in the same place where we found him.

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Oracle heroes in the Robi shelter

It’s not the first time Oracle volunteers come to help us. We hope it’s not the last time. Today, however, was a special day and if you will kindly read the article you will agree about the album title. One of the reasons they can be called “Oracle heroes” is that they came to help us today, when we had more than 40 degrees (and any man would have done everything he could to hide from the sun). The Oracle volunteers defied the hot weather and saw only their goal.

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Cats’ Frankenstein exists, even if in the worst nightmare of a cat can’t imagine that can become so.

About a month ago, Aurora Sasu veterinarian doctor found in an institution yard a kitten lying inert. It was full of worms in the mouth cavity, paws and eyes. The kitten was still breathing, so the vet told herself:

-if there is a single sign that will show me that he can still live, I’ll try to save him!

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Always together no matter how hard it is

Like you know, we struggle for some years to save as many death endangered animals as possible. It is hard to pass them by and ignore them, but it is even harder to take them and offer decent conditions to them. In order to be able to realize this objective we need a lot of money that, of course, we don’t have. So we need to improvise and use any kind of resources to offer the little ones we save the security of tomorrow.

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Why did you abandon me?

Why did you abandon me, you heartless woman? Did you know that in so doing you were risking a prison sentence? Do you think that you will be left unpunished? Well you are wrong! Look what is waiting for you:

According to the Law no. 9/2008 you have committed a crime when you abandoned me.

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