What dogs feel when they are abandoned?

ce simt cainiiTwo days ago, after we finished doing our shopping for the dogs, a black female puppy came to our car, eager to be caressed. We asked a Metro employee that was in the vicinity if the dog was spayed and we offered to sterilize it. We learned that it would be useless to do it and bring the dog back. One of the companies around Metro had a contract with the knockers and used to call them anytime a dog appeared in the area. 
The vivacious puppy impressed us with her great naivety and trust in people, so we didn’t want to disappoint her. We took her at the shelter, though we didn’t have room for any more dogs or extra strength to look after them.

And yet, as if that was not enough, today I fell back into sin. 
When I left the shelter, I noticed a stationary car on the way to the road. When it departed, it left behind another black female puppy with traces of a collar just like the dog from Metro. 
Today’s dog was abandoned right when I saw the car parked. I didn’t think to look at the registration number – it was too far and, anyway, I couldn’t imagine that they are going to leave a dog behind. 
As we know all the dogs in the area, it wasn’t difficult to identify a new one.

Today’s dog has some problems with her hind paws which may be due to deficient diet. 

Both puppies had owners who threw them away and who deserve to taste the horrible feeling of abandonment they made these innocent souls experiment. 

The dogs are now in the shelter and we hope to find kind and responsible owners. If you want to adopt one of them, please contact us at asociatia.robi@gmail.com.