Chrissi, the fur ball on the side of the street

After a long working day at our shelter your thoughts are only about a hot shower and a good meal. Unfortunately what you plan cannot be fulfilled all the time. 
On our way to Bucharest we found a beautiful female dog, in an unpopulated area, waiting on the side of the road. The cars passed fast and she was still waiting…We got along from the first moment and she showed us that her biggest wish was to be taken from there.
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Robi Association at the event organized by Petrom

Petrom held Wednesday, February 27 a new event for its employees, in which they were invited to support the non-governmental sector by redirecting the 2% tax from their income from 2012. Robi Association was among the guests of the event, along with 40 other associations. We had the opportunity to interact with more than 2,500 employees who were in the office at Petrom City and to present both our achievements in 2012, and our growth plans for 2013. Continue reading

Charlotte – for adoption

You met Charlotte for the first time two weeks ago when I recovered her, along with her brothers Rufus and Milly, on the ring road. At that time, a simple caress was a real trauma for Charlotte. But now the situation is different, and Charlotte’s transformation is incredible.

Bold, playful, sociable, educated (she makes her needs only on absorbent blankets and she even go on a leash), Charlotte is ready for another challenge – finding a home where she will develop the qualities listed above. Continue reading

Toy a miracle dog for adoption

We found Toy on a field with houses and a road with traffic. He is a young dog, he weights only 5 kilos and he is outrageously kind, gentle and calm. The little one was castrated and in a few days he will have his vaccine shots. If you want a small sized dog and a really good dog Toy is the perfect choice. We wait for requests at

Neutering animals from people’s yards should be mandatory?

Some time ago a householder dog from District 4, Bucharest, Romania, had estrous and went out on the street and hooked up with another dog. Soon, her puppies will be abandoned in a unknown place (when we asked him what he will do with the puppies, the owner of the female dog said that he knows where to take them). For at least a week we are praying the householder and his wife to give us the two un-neutered female dogs to sterilized them, although they promised to give us the dogs today, today when I went to get the female dog, they were not home.  Continue reading

Seven cats in dificulty

A few days ago I received a request to help seven kittens who do not have anything to eat. We went to see what it’s about and we found, and indeed we found seven adult cats who looked pretty good, but only one of them was sterilized. The kittens have received food, sand, litter trays and food bowls. They were externally dewormed and two of the females were sterilized. Besides the three females sterilized, Continue reading

10 puppies and 4 adults

UPDATE: The two puppies were taken by our new volunteer, Corina. They are two girls, very skinny that suffer of rickets, awful diarrhea and dehydration. There are now left 8 puppies in that box, as ill as these ones. PLEASE we need your help with temporary shelter for as many of them you can take. We cannot take them because in our homes we foster other animals and in our shelter we cannot take them because they are too small. Continue reading

Speedy for adoption or euthanasia

Speedy is 3 months and a half old, has 10 kilos, he is deaf by birth and he cannot control his head position (it shakes a bit) and he needs URGENTLY adoption or at least foster care.
The puppy is healthy with the exceptions mentioned, he eats well, he is taught to make his needs in a certain place, he plays with the 4 kittens he lives with, with one of them he really bonded, better to say the cat adopted him, takes care of him, washes him and plays with him. Continue reading

Do you want to be a volunteer from home?

For some time, the number of animals in our care raised and we are just a few people who also must respond to all the requests received every day and assure our animals a decent living, we can’t succeed in promoting for adoption all of our little ones. For this reason we are asking for your help.

If you have a little time and can help us with posting an animal on the sites we will tell you about, please contact us mentioning “Volunteer or promoting animals” .

Thank you in advance to the ones who will help us.