The Aviator

Dear pet owners (more precisely some of you) if you say you will love your pets please TAKE CARE OF THEM. Neuter your pets or your house will be full of puppies or kittens (for which you will write to us to take them in our care or else you will abandon them on the streets) give them minimum medical care (for example, ears scabies it’s terrible for cats) and don’t expose them to accidents. You don’t take an animal out of snobbiest or to praise with it, but to help him and give him/her a better life, safe from harm.

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We saved her, but … what is it?

Bigger than a sparrow, smaller than a baby pigeon, relatively jumpy, with a long beak and yellow on the inferior side of it. It was in the middle of a street from a neighborhood with a lot of green spaces, it couldn’t fly. I took it, of course, but we don’t have any knowledge about birds so we don’t know what is it. Is it a baby or an adult? What is he eating? For now I gave him some seeds and water and I am going outside for flies! We keep you posted.

Update: It’s probably a field fare.

Diary of a special volunteer

Also from the jurnal of a volunteer…but a special one. It has an infinite patience with all the orphan kittens that pass through the house. Maybe he remembers the times when he didn‘t have anyone

Diary of a volunteer – episode 1 – gluing advertisement for ‘Sofisticat’

It is morning and I’m trying to figure out all the places I have to go without forgetting something. It is clear to me that I will be at home at night.

I take a generous pile of posters and start ‘the big sticking action’. I search for the most visible spots for my posters and the ones that won’t cause me problems (I don’t want to argue with salesmen/shop owners or to spoil others businesses). People are getting curious when they see me sticking a colored poster, we get into chats and the work goes smoothly.

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My dower

Some flees, a little dirt in my ears, uncertainty of tomorrow, fear for today when I was chased from the family I thought is mine, that’s my dower.

 I am still shocked and I will never understand why people do that to animals. Why they let us come in this world and then throw us like garbage? What they imagine, we can handle ourselves alone in the streets? Did they have any idea what is happening with us in the streets, how much pain we feel?

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