Hit with a bat because she barked

Blackie, as we named her, stayed near a block of flats. Shy and fearful, one day she made the “mistake” of barking to a man who was walking his dog. The man didn’t think too much at it and he took a bat and started hitting Blackie until he broke one of her legs.

Blackie got herself with a severe fracture and she was operated at Spiru Haret by the well known Bercaru team. She was lucky and found someone special to take care of her. We have to pay the hospitalization and surgery costs.We remind you our accounts where you can donate:
Asociatia pentru protectia animalelor Robi
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Cont RON: BCR 2 RO16RNCB0073049952070001 
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Or online by Paypal (available on this website)
Thank you in advance for your help.
Blackie is doing well after surgery and she will go tomorrow to Spiru Haret to change her bandage.
Thank you again for your support. Without your help we cannot help them further