What about me?

You don’t even imagine how I looked like when I was brought up to Spiru Haret. I was simply only skin and bones, I couldn’t use my back paws and I was like in a horror movie. Meanwhile with the help of good treatment I started to use all my paws, I learned how to laugh, to be glad to be alive, but my good life began when I was hospitalized.

Even if the space where I live now is very small, you have to know that here I’ve known happiness. People here gave me attention, care and good food, what can I say?! Paradise!! But the sadness will begin soon. Here, I can’t stay much longer and I will have to go back to the pack of dogs where I was injured. One wrong move of one of my pack brothers might cost me my life.


I heard that all pet lovers have their houses and courtyards full of animals and practically there is no room for me, this thought is making me cry.

Is this what a good life means, only few days of hospitalization?
My heart will break if no one would want me.
What will happen with me?

If you have an idea please send a mail to: asociatia.robi@gmail.com .

Don’t leave my heartbroken, I beg you!!!