Lots of love for home

Lidia is a very sticky cat. It’s enough to pet her once and she will follow you anywhere waiting to pet her again. She purrs, kneads, therefore she is a very good cat and if you have a lot of love to offer her it’s just what she needs. 
This little one was found tonight, she was running after us to save her. We took her so she cannot be harmed by any dogs from the area and tomorrow she will be neutered.

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Keep me away from friends, because i manage to keep myself away from enemies

 We are overcrowded and the growing number of animals from the shelter means worst life for the animals who had been taken from the streets earlier. In the conditions when only two or three dogs are adopted in one month in Romania, you can realise that there are not enough space for the dogs we take monthly from the street. We asked for help in many cases when we couldn’t take the animals, a thing to blame of course, and it seems that people refuse  to understand our situation.

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A Bad Luck That Costed Her Life

How many times we advice the cat owners to neuter their animals and not to leave them by their own on the streets. This cat had the bad luck to be caught by a dog that broke her spine. Unfortunately for her nothing could be done. That cat looked really good and for sure now someone is crying after her. This cannot help the poor unlucky cat now

Black cats

A lot of persons, cat lovers or not, stay away from black cats, even if they admit the black cats are a special appearance. In time, in some regions of the world an idea was born: a black cat brings bad luck. Interesting is that in other parts, if a black cat appears in your way it is considered to be a good sign. Continue reading

Pray for her life

Update: Unfortunately the cat didn’t survive. She had internal bleeding

This kitten was the victim of the neighborhood dogs. Someone saw the cat in the yard of a block and called us to ask what can be done in her case. The cat was taken into our care and she is hospitalized at Spiru Haret but her situation isn’t very sure. The kitten is still in shock, she has hypothermia and we do not know if she passes through the night. Please pray for her.

Little Mathias

How we picked him? Simple we saw from the road two girls playing at the limit of a village on the field with ‘something’. From our experience ‘something’ small, in the middle of the road or in the hands of people is almost every time an animal. Our hearts start to beat faster, we approach to see what is all about hoping in the same time is only a regular object.. but this time it wasn’t just a bag.

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Mopy the energic cat

Mopi or the little tornado is a two speed kitten. One in which she is relaxed and likes to purr and kisses you with her tiny nose and the second one in which she runs around the house, jumps at any shadow, at anything she may find in her way. The best toy remains a plain bottle cap.

She is still available for adoption and we think she will be real glad of a playmate.

Contact: asociatia.robi@gmail.com

Furry with disabilities or loving furry that needs a chance?

To save an animal found in a critical situation doesn’t mean everything. He is truly saved when he arrives at his new home next to his appropriate owners. Because of the large number of animals in the streets and the hard situations they sometimes find in it is too late for us to do anything and so some of them remain without a leg, an eye or they remain partially paralyzed. 

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