Gigel, uptown boy

How did a dog which lost all hope of a normal life get to be called Boy of Magheru?

The answer is relatively simple. A pinch of attention, a drop of feeling, a little effort – or maybe a little more – and the transformation has occurred.

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Thrown over the fence

It is hard to believe that people can turn on to all kind of ideas when they want to get rid of their animals. This blind, old and very week dog was abandoned in a yard, after it was thrown over a 2 meters high fence.

You don’t want to know what he wished for the person that was capable of such gesture. We hope that those wishes get to the person that did this.

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About our fear of answering the phone because of the many requests for help that we receive for animals in danger and for which we don’t have any solutions we already told you. About our fear of walking on the streets, where you can find animals abandoned in bags, packages or boxes you have already heard or maybe you have experienced it also.

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Small, but mighty


As it is very warm and our dogs need to be kept away from the sun, we arranged with our volunteers some tilts in order to keep shadow. But for a couple of days the wind started to blow and, to our friends’ delight, part of the tilts flew away. And as our protégés love to keep us busy, look what they can do. Goodbye tilts, welcome toys for the dogs!

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She needed to be spayed

The dog from the picture was abandoned because she was expecting. She remained near some people’s yard, that fell in love with her and decided to keep her. The bad luck of this dog was when at the time of the birth, something bad happened and couldn’t deliver anymore. Two days she stayed and agonized to give birth, and in this time flees started to leave eggs on her first dead puppy, that couldn’t get out. In a short while, the larva got into her vagina. Continue reading