Male 12 years old, un-neutered, injured and left to be euthanized

This dog has an owner. His owner has more than just one dog, actually quite a few, and many of them are not neutered. Since this led to fights, the dog you see in the pictures below lost a fight with his yard mates and was badly injured. His owner brought him to the vet to put him to sleep. Yes, that’s right, they wanted him to be euthanized. Of course the vets did not agree so they witnessed the complete abandon of this dog in their care. He is now after surgery and is dealing bravely with the pains caused. He’s under treatment but will soon be available for adoption. We are hoping for a permanent new owner, a responsible one, but we would also appreciate a lot a foster. He is a small-medium size dog.
If you can help this little guy (he’s 12 but still very active for his age), please drop an email at