Sad Story from Romania

If we say Romania is ANIMALS’ HELL, trust us, we’re not exagerating. For more than 12 years we’ve been trying to have a constructive dialogue with the authorities, but unfortunately our efforts are in vain. We have finally reached the conclusion that the authorities don’t want to solve the stray animals’ problem and we’re sorry to say we’re not mistaken. Abandoning animals is allowed and even encouraged by Romanian authorities who fail to take measures to stop this current practice.
People abandon, on a daily basis, their excess animals or the ones that didn’t amuse them anymore. Continue reading

What Romanian throw away?

catei vai de eiWhat do Romanians throw away like garbage? Everything they can’t use, including alive helpless souls. A little family, mother and three puppies, was abandoned on the road to our shelter. The mother is old, the puppies are massively infested with ascarides and we don’t know whether they’ll survive. Besides, they have eye and skin problems. All the family was hospitalized today at the City Vet clinic, where the little ones will be groomed and treated.  Continue reading

Stevie and the world of darkness

Stevie is the victim of one or more “humans” (we are waiting for the POLICE to solve his case) who showed an incredible cruelty. Click here to see what happened to the doggy

The little one is having trouble adjusting to his new condition, that of a BLIND dog. His body is refusing to help him. He’s not eating as he should and today he’s fine but tomorrow he’s vomiting and he’s apathetic. The hematoma on his head is still creating problems and his condition is fluctuating, sometimes he’s feeling OK, sometimes not. Now he is still hospitalized at the City-Vet clinic and he gets all the attention, treatment and love he’s probably missed until he was discovered in that terrible situation. Continue reading

We keep on spaying and neutering, but they also need adoption/foster

DSC07491Today, another cat was spayed due to the free spaying/neutering program started by Asociatia Robi. This cat has owners that feed her and let her live inside.. and that’s about it. She gave birth a few times, some of them “went missing” when a dog took them and ran, others simply didn’t come back.

At this point there are 2 mature female cats, a male cat that has been bitten by a dog and 3 other 3 months old kittens, all females. Continue reading

Shadow for Robi’s Dogs

As you well know our shelter shelters approximately 170 dogs and is located outside Bucharest on a field. Because is very hot and our little ones need sun protectors, yesterday some of our volunteers placed over the dogs pens sun protecting materials. (to offer them shadow at sun time) They managed to do this on some pens only. It takes pretty much time to place one piece and because of this we need help. If you can offer your time and wish to help us to set up the sun protectors over the pens please contact us at: Continue reading

Hope starts to live again

Hope, a female dog that was, a while ago, the subject of one of the special cases we take care of, is beginning to recover. 
She is more and more present and, even if it will take a lot of time until her body will be covered in fur (we hope that’s going to be the final result), we are rejoicing at her joy when she discovers what it is like to have someone to take care of her, to give her plenty of food and water, a shelter above her head and lots of love.  Continue reading

Easter in the shelter

Easter came but that doesn’t mean a day off from the shelter to us, so here are some fresh news. 
Our doggies’s menu didn’t include lamb or rabbit meat, not even some nutritious eggs, they enjoyed it nevertheless, like every time. They didn’t feel it was a holiday – we know the biggest one for them would be the day of their adoption. So we invite you to give them a chance, to meet them – we’re sure you’ll fall in love with a few of them, at least. Continue reading

Do you have a trailer that you are not using?

A friend dear to us, an extremely hardworking, decent and animal loving person, is going to lose his home. As he has nothing left to lose and humans have disappointed him, he now wants to take care of animals. He agrees to move to our dog shelter, but there are absolutely no living conditions for a human being there. We need a trailer for him. 
If anyone has an old trailer that they would be willing to donate, please write to us at:
Our dogs would benefit too. They would be socialized and protected 24 hours a day.

Aimee paralyzed dog in need of wheelchair

The little female dog probably had an accident from which she remained paralyzed.

The recovery is really slow and the little one needs a wheelchair for the back legs. Aimee is now in foster care and Valentina is the one that takes care of her now and to who we want to thank from the bottom of our hearts because she offered to give a chance to the poor unlucky.

A dog wheelchair costs 150 euros. Please help us to buy it for her. Continue reading