Sad Story from Romania

If we say Romania is ANIMALS’ HELL, trust us, we’re not exagerating. For more than 12 years we’ve been trying to have a constructive dialogue with the authorities, but unfortunately our efforts are in vain. We have finally reached the conclusion that the authorities don’t want to solve the stray animals’ problem and we’re sorry to say we’re not mistaken. Abandoning animals is allowed and even encouraged by Romanian authorities who fail to take measures to stop this current practice.
People abandon, on a daily basis, their excess animals or the ones that didn’t amuse them anymore.
Authorities keep punishing innocent animals for their owners’ deeds, and that, obviously, is never going to work.
But let’s get back to the little family that was abandoned on the road leading to our shelter:
A mother and three puppies, all with scabies and massively infested with ascarides. The little fluffy girl died just a few hours after we found them, because of the ascarides. The mother and the other two puppies are still alive, they have been dewormed, treated and given haircuts. The three need financial support and, if you want to help them, you can donate for them in the accounts:
Asociatia pentru protectia animalelor Robi
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Or through PayPal (available on our website
Thank you once again for helping the animals in our care.
We’ll be back with updates about the little family.