The little guy was operated and needs a home

He is feeling well, he eats well even if he has pain at his dislocated jaw. He is hard to work with because he is scared and wants to bite if you if you get too close to him. We hope that when he will pass the ordeal of injections he will change his behavior. He will probably end up in the shelter if nobody will have mercy and adopt him or foster him until he will cure.
If you want to help him please contact us at:

Dolly needs financial help and foster

Dolly is ready to get to Maggi in UK, where she will start a new life and have a family.
Because we want her new life to start as soon as possible, we reserved her place in the transport scheduled on 25th of January. In these 2 weeks we need to raise the sum for her departure and if possible to find a new foster so that she will not get in the shelter.

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Toys for Robi babies

Robi kitties were very good and they wonder if Santa forgotten them. They hope that Santa will take care of their new house, which is under construction and needs to be finished until the holidays. They hope to get toys and furniture, and now are planning to write a letter to Santa to remind him what they would like for holidays.

If Santa asks you where he could find them, please tell him to search at

Thank you. Happy Holidays!

Help please, Donate!

It’s cold and rainy outside and our cats are huddling. Although they have a heater inside, they are still outside enjoying a little bit of sun. For us autumn comes with worries. The gas and electric bills are raising and they must be paid on time, the yard is full of pits and it’s very hard to clean it, therefore we need to have it consolidated or to find a more lasting solution for it.

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Could we refuse Annika’s chance for a normal life?

Everyday we receive messages regarding helping cats, dogs which need a house, treatments or others. Our funds are more than limited; practically the donations we receive help us to take care of the animals saved by now and to help others as well. Beside these animals for which we try to improve their life, we try as well to neuter as many animals because it is the only way to change the current situation.

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