Hard times are coming

pisica cu mancareaDear friends, I was born because someone didn’t take measures to prevent it from happening. That person didn’t care about me at all, so they threw me out on a field. Me and my brothers ended up at Robi and, as I have heard hard times are coming, I decided to guard the food. I want to be sure that I’ll have something to eat in the days ahead.
If you care a little bit about me and you’d like to make sure I have enough food for a day at least, please donate in the account of the people who feed me, that is in the account: Continue reading

See the difference

cei 3 catelusiSee the difference: just click on the initial albums, from the moment four doggies were found – a mother and three puppies – their health was very poor, they were full of fleas, ticks, and they also had scabies.

Now the little ones look like you can see in this album, and this transformation was possible thanks to the dedication of the City Vet team, dr Aurora Sasu, Betty and Iuliana, which we thank from the bottom of our hearts for the exemplary care they offered the little ones. Continue reading

Bobita needs a responsable owner

BobitaBobita is a young small sized dog, energetic and always willing to be around his owner. He used to have an owner who abandoned him and didn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore. The little one got into fights with other dogs and had major wounds on his back.

Bobita is now in our care and we’re looking for a responsible owner for him. If you like him and you want to adopt him please contact us at asociatia.robi@gmail.com. Continue reading

Petrica needs your good thought

Petrica is one of the Robi veterans. He is around 12 years old and was taken over by us when he was still a puppy and had an owner. His owner hit him in the head with an ax, wounded him, and the puppy was taken by the good-hearted Ioana N. (from the former TV show “Take me home”) to a vet clinic. As he couldn’t go back to his mean owner, the little one was taken in our care. Over the years he had a few epilectic crises but in recent years they stopped.

Petrica hasn’t been feeling well for a few days and, even if his lab tests results are negative to distemper, his symptoms are of a dog that’s ill in the nervous phase. Continue reading

8 cats need help

pisoii de la mariSome of the kitties we recently took over are having health and adjustment problems. Six kittens have fever, no other symptoms, and they have been treated daily for a few days. They had stopped eating, but now they started to recover. The Burmese cat cannot really get used to living in common with other cats, and the recently neutered black cat who adopted all the kittens is suffering too because of the change in her location. The adult cats were found on the street and saved by good-hearted people. Continue reading