Petrica needs your good thought

Petrica is one of the Robi veterans. He is around 12 years old and was taken over by us when he was still a puppy and had an owner. His owner hit him in the head with an ax, wounded him, and the puppy was taken by the good-hearted Ioana N. (from the former TV show “Take me home”) to a vet clinic. As he couldn’t go back to his mean owner, the little one was taken in our care. Over the years he had a few epilectic crises but in recent years they stopped.

Petrica hasn’t been feeling well for a few days and, even if his lab tests results are negative to distemper, his symptoms are of a dog that’s ill in the nervous phase. Petrica was vaccinated each year, that’s why we first excluded the distemper idea, but it seems the vaccine didn’t protect him too much. 

Petrica is getting worse despite the fact that he gets all necessary medical cares in his situation.
Please help him with your good wishes. Pray for his life. 

Because we have a lot of cases of animals in great need of help, we remind you the way you can help the suffering ones.
Donate in the Robi Association’s account, because we really need your help. We cannot practically cope with the avalanche of animals that have problems. 

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